Community Residential Program

Homes Filled with Love and Acceptance 

Located throughout Suffolk County, Maryhaven has 29 homes that offer a warm and secure environment where people with special needs can live comfortably.

It is the intention of Maryhaven’s Community Residential Program to increase individualized opportunities, provide access to the community as desired, and increase independence in all aspects of daily living. Individuals are also given support to make good decisions and informed choices.

The management and clinical teams, inclusive of the person and their families, develop a service plan that focuses on maximizing potential by meeting their short and long-term goals. Clinical resources such as nutrition, nursing, psychology, psychiatry, and recreation are outlined in each person’s individualized plan of care using a person-centered approach and offer the support necessary to foster growth and independence.  

Maryhaven helps people with special needs build for their own future by supporting choices and promoting their abilities.

Are you interested in learning more about residential services and want to become a part of the Maryhaven family? If so, please contact Diana Lynch at (631) 474-4100 x 1060.