How to Access Services

Enrolling in Residential Services

Maryhaven provides a continuum of care spanning a person’s life cycle.  Our direct support staff are dedicated to providing a warm, secure, home-like environment where people can feel comfortable. People who choose to live in one of our homes are supported by Direct Support Professionals (DSP), trained clinicians including nursing, behavior management and nutrition. We also employ a medical director who may provide direct medical oversight to individuals or serve as a resource to our nurses.

Maryhaven’s Community Residential Services Department enables individuals to access the community to promote integration and independence.  This includes making informed decisions.

Maryhaven collaborates with the person, their advocate and other important team members who comprise the individual’s circle of support. Our aim is to assist each person define their future by supporting their choices, hopes and dreams to maximize potential. 

*To be eligible for residential services, the person must meet eligibility requirements set forth by The Office for People with Developmental Disabilities’ (OPWDD). Please refer to the following link for additional information.

For more information and admissions-related questions, please contact Diana Lynch at (631) 474-4100 x 1060.                                                                                               



Enrolling in Day Habilitation Services

Maryhaven provides a variety of day habilitation programs to meet the diverse needs and interests of the individuals we serve. Some of our programs emphasize specific areas of interest, while others offer a multi-disciplinary approach to growth and skill development. Staffing supports vary based on the needs of the individuals. In addition to direct support professionals and management, nursing and behavior management staff enhance staffing patterns at each day habilitation program.                                                          

*Enrollment in day habilitation waiver programs requires approval from The Office for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD).  For more information, please refer to the link below.

For more information on our Day Habilitation programs, contact the Day Habilitation Social Work Department at 631-474-4100 x 3210.