Why Partner with Us?

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Why Partner with Us?

Maryhaven was founded in 1930 and brings the organizational stability of 90 years in business to the Integrated Business Center customers. We were the first New York State Industries for the Disabled business to provide document conversion services to state agencies. Our consistent professional performance is reflected by the fact we are still servicing our first customer SUNY Stony Brook University Hospital.

100% American based labor force
For Federal buyers who are committed to the Buy America principal, we never outsource to offshore foreign labor. In fact, a majority of our labor is performed by individuals with disabilities, the most under employed segment of the US labor force.

Decades of Professional Hands On Project Management
Our management Team brings their 30 years of experience to every customers document management challenge and finds digital solutions that bring real time benefits to various industries, including many government agencies.

Technical Expertise and Training Regimen
Our technical staff maintains a continual training regimen to keep pace with the fast moving digital conversion landscape. Empowering them to bring their broad technical expertise to every digital conversion project. No matter how unique your conversion project may be, our experienced and trained technicians will find a solution that works for your needs.

Customer Relations Development
The Integrated Business Center's customer relations department prides itself in developing long lasting business relationships, which last from project to project and from year to year. They bring a “get the job done” attitude to all our customers, which reduces stress and pressure for project managers.

Secure Transport and Faculties
The Integrated Business Center operates its own transportation fleet of trucks and certifies them as secure. All of our truck drivers are fully bonded and HIPPA Certified. Our facility has redundant security systems.

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