Document Imaging and Destruction

Maryhaven's Integrated Business Center is your source for secure document scanning services in the Long Island/Metropolitan NYC area.

For 30 years, we have provided solutions to many industries, such as Hospitals, Courts, Educational Institutions, Doctor’s Offices and Nursing Services.

We're experts in document scanning and imaging, including OCR, PDF, PDFa and indexing services. We can handle your sensitive records to ensure your documents are protected from conversion to storage and/or disposal. All our employees and drivers are HIPAA trained. We operate our own secure fleet of trucks for free pick up service in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Your documents and confidential information are protected by our secure facility protected by a 24/7 camera surveillance system and warehouse keypad access to all storage areas. Our employees and drivers are HIPPA trained and bonded.


Document Conversion Services

Includes scanning of the original document's text and images, converting the information to digital data, transferring the data to a new media file, and formatting the information for use in a document imaging and storage system. Customized coding and indexing options are also available as part of the document conversion process. (Sin #- 518210DC) We can convert your documents to PDF, PDF (a), Tiff digital formats, compatible with all major document management and work flow software. Our team assists companies to virtually eliminate paper records by eliminating the need for physical record storage, and ease access to archived records. We provide excellent quality and competitive pricing to meet the needs of our clients. 

Document Destruction Services

Includes off-site destruction of classified, unclassified or personal identifiable information. Types of documents may include hard copy media, electronic media or optical mass storage media. Destruction techniques may include, but are not limited to, shredding, pulverization or disintegration.

The benefits to document imaging and destruction include:

  • Indexing by user-defined fields
  • Download converted images to client secure cloud or FTP sites
  • Conversion to industry-standard document formats- PDF, PDF-A, Tiff, etc.
  • Compatibility with all major document management and workflow software
  • HIPPA trained and bonded employees
  • Confidentiality protected by our multi-million dollar, data breach liability insurance policy
  • Secure facility protected with cameras and keypad access
  • Offsite technical phone support
  • Pick-up, shredding, and delivery services
  • Free professional project estimates and quotes

Pricing for Document Services