History of the IBC

Serving Long Island for More Than 40 Years

Maryhaven’s Integrated Business Center has been serving the greater metropolitan Long Island business community and enriching the lives of people with special needs for more than 40 years.

We are a non-profit social enterprise providing employment opportunities and choice to individuals with disabilities. Maryhaven’s vision is to foster an employment community whereby people with special needs are safe, accepted and supported. Our full range of vocational training teaches job skills that promote independence, individuality, integration and social connections.

Maryhaven’s Integrated Business Center has always been committed to and guided by the following values:

Excellence: We are committed to growing, learning, excelling, and creating environments where merits are affirmed and celebrated.

Integrity: We make decisions based on fairness, honesty, morality, and ethical principles.

Equity: We believe that all people are entitled to respect, dignity, and opportunities.

Respect: We respond to and communicate with courtesy, kindness, and honesty.